Continued support, before, during & post vasectomy

Vasectomy Information


You and your partner are invited to discuss with Dr Barron, all the implications of the procedure, its permanency, and to complete consent forms prior to the operation. An appointment can be made by ringing the clinic on 01889 562145.

Out-of-area patients are consulted after we have received a referral from your General Practitioner. We mainly provide vasectomies on the NHS for most of Staffordshire and South Derbyshire although we can also provide private vasectomies following a referral from your GP. See NHS or Private

What is a Vasectomy?

A vasectomy is a surgical operation intended to sterilise a man. This is achieved by cutting the tubes which carry the sperm to the sex fluid to make semen.

During intercourse the sperm is unable to reach the woman's egg cells and therefore she cannot become pregnant. This method of birth control is often chosen by couples who have completed their family as it should be regarded as irreversible.

Will it hurt?

An hour or two after the operation the local anaesthetic will gradually wear off, leaving you with a little background discomfort in your lower groin. A simple pain-killer, such as Paracetamol or Solpadol (two every four hours if needed) will be sufficient to control any pain.


On the day of the operation and on the following day you should be treated as a delicate invalid and be pampered with as much tender loving care as can be mustered! Under no circumstances can you drink alcohol as this raises blood pressure and may cause you to overdo it and so increase pain.

On the day following the operation, you should have a bath in the morning. Discard the dressing and wear a clean pair of Y-fronts. Spend the day quietly. You will notice some bruising of the skin - do not worry, this is perfectly normal. You still should drink no alcohol.

From Day 3 onwards, have a bath each day. Wear a clean pair of pants, changing night and day. We suggest you wear the pants during the night as this makes it more comfortable. Increase your physical activity, but be guided by the level of discomfort. You will notice the discomfort especially if you carry anything heavy, so we suggest only start doing this once the discomfort in your groin has disappeared. A small amount of alcohol is now allowed, if you must.

You will be seen several days later to check your progress and remove the sutures from your skin. At this stage a full explanation will be given regarding semen samples which are included in our service.

We advise all men to avoid any strenuous exercise, heavy lifting or excessive driving for about one to two weeks.

You can have sex as soon as you feel it will be comfortable; however, we advise you to wait a few days.

Because there are still sperm in the vas deferens above the site of the operation it can take quite a number of ejaculations to clear the sperm and so it is essential to continue using an alternative method of contraception until you are informed by us that your system is clear of sperm.

We require a sample of your semen at 16 weeks post-operatively (after a minimum of 20 ejaculations). However, occasionally, several more tests may be required, until the system is completely free of sperm. If this should happen we will advise you. Spontaneous re-joining of the tubes has been reported in literature even after tests have proved negative, but this is extremely rare. In 2002 we introduced the use of pre-paid postage cartridges for semen samples which negates the need for a further visit to the clinic and which patients have found to be useful.

Vasectomy has absolutely no effect on the production of male hormones. Many couples find greater sexual freedom once the risk of unwanted pregnancy has been removed. Orgasm and ejaculation are not affected. Sperm continues to be produced by the testicles but its passage to the penis is blocked, so it is re-absorbed by the body.

Please do ring if you have any problems, on 01889 562145.


We will seriously consider you for vasectomy if you have seriously thought about the implications of your decision and you are sure you have had all the children you will ever want.

The vasectomy procedure must be seen as permanent. If reversal is a concern while you are considering vasectomy, or if you think there is a chance you will change your mind in later life as a result of changed circumstances, we strongly advise you to postpone the decision until you are one hundred per cent sure that you want no more children under any circumstances.

NHS or Private

The operation can be performed on the NHS if you have been referred by your doctor and live in one of the following areas:

Derbyshire Dales - including Hilton, Ashbourne and Swadlincote.
Staffordshire Morlands - including Leek, Cheadle.
South Staffordshire - including Burton, Uttoxeter, Lichfield, Tamworth, Stafford, Stone, Cannock, Rugeley.

The fee for private vasectomy is: £480 at all of our clinics. This includes pre- and post-operative consultations and post-operative semen sample tests.

The Procedure

We practice the No-Scalpel Technique. The operation is usually completed in around 15 minutes using a local anaesthetic and we rarely have any waiting lists.

Sperm makes up approximately five per cent of the fluid ejaculated at orgasm. The purpose of the operation is to stop the sperm being ejaculated by removing 1-2 cm of the tubes (vas deferens) and sealing the ends of the tubes by ties and cautery. The fluid originates in glands at the base of the penis and the quantity produced is unaffected by the operation.

It is helpful if the area is trimmed before a vasectomy and we ask that you trim all the hairs from an area roughly 10 cm square around your genitals. This is important to us. We do not recommend shaving. On the day of the operation, come freshly bathed, wear a clean pair of Y-front type underpants (not a jock-strap or boxer shorts) as these give better support and will be more comfortable for you immediately following the procedure. Make absolutely certain that you have someone available to drive you home afterwards. The doctor gives a small injection of local anaesthetic into the skin of the scrotum, the sac holding the testicles, not the testicles themselves. A small incision (less than 1 cm) is made in the scrotum and the tubes are located.

Diagram of the male reproductive system


Usually the incision is so small, no external stitches are required and a small dressing will be applied. You will be seen several days later to check your progress and remove the sutures from your skin. At this stage a full explanation will be given regarding semen samples.

The doctor will be assisted by one of our practice nurses.

Consent Form

It is necessary for you to sign a Consent Form prior to the operation. You may find it helpful to print out a copy to bring with you to the initial consultation.

Click to download PDF consent form